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Distinctive Leadership Manifesto - 2005

I would like us to stop making sense.
I would like us to make a difference finally.
As an individual, a brand, or a business.

I would like us to grow courageously independent and
perfect our individual talents and vision. I would like us to
take ourselves seriously - but not all-too important.

I would like us to become a spark - and leave a mark.

I would like us to value brilliance over instant gratification.
I would like us to curiously question everything
- instead of knowing all the answers.
I would like us to long for knowledge in abundance.

I would like us to make ourselves truly redundant.

I would like us to grow relevant. I would like us to
stop surfing every fad we stumble upon. I would like us to
stop looking for distractions, but to wisely create solutions.

I would like us to outgrow ourselves and inspire the
world - for the good, benefit, and wealth of
our surroundings and ourselves.
ie: I would like us to intuitively live

Distinctive Leadership
Outgrow Yourself, Inspire the World!


My 30 years of experience blend a profound strategic business planning and leadership competence (managing director for almost 10 years) with relevant brand and marketing expertise. +

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